Frequently asked questions

  • When did your business begin? When did you start offering your product or service?

Berco Indoor Gardens was started in 1997 and the services were offered from that date onwards.

  • Who are you and what defines Berco?

Berco Indoor Gardens is a company that provides a service of supplying and maintaining indoor plants at customer’s premises.

  • What makes Berco Indoor Gardens different to other plantscapers in the industry?

We have access to the best nurseries in each of the regions where we operate. This means that we can choose the best plants for our clients, ensuring we supply the widest range and only the healthiest of plants.

  • Can we choose our own plants?

Our experienced design consultants will advise you on the best plant for your premises. Plants are living things and require certain conditions in order to thrive. If you have a preference for a particular plant we will recommend the right position for it in your premises. Plants may be moved around on a regular basis and our maintenance team will advise you when visiting your premises.

  • How does payment of the account work?

Accounts are payable in advance. We will send an invoice and statement to your business. Payment is either via EFT or debit order.

  • Can you maintain existing plants?

Yes we are happy to maintain your existing plants.

  • Where is Berco located?

Berco Indoor Gardens has branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein and George.

  • Is Berco a One-Person Team or a Team of Many?

Berco Indoor Gardens has numerous teams to service clients at our various branches.

  • We are a small company. Do you supply only to National Companies and Larger Corporates with indoor planters and plants?

No, we cater for all size businesses.

  • Isn’t it expensive to have a plant maintenance company come in and look after my office plants?

Actually, it can be quite cost effective. People who purchase plants will often not know how to choose the right plant for an area, and are unaware of the wide range of plants available. They are then unsure of how to properly care for their plants, and when one declines or dies, they feel like they are unsuccessful. We offer free consultation from the first visit, and meet with the client to see the design, lighting, and layout of their office or home. We have a portfolio of plant and container photos, which helps our clients to visualise how plants will look in their environment. This process can save time and money and clients are often surprised at how many options are available that they were not aware of if they shopped on their own.

  • Who do you serve and who are your Customers?

Our customers are business entities and included are the Government Sector, Banking, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Airports and Universities.  In fact, any business that appreciates having nature in the form of plant life in the working environment will benefit as a result.

  • What Service/s do you have that solve the Problem?

Very few plants will survive indoors without constant care.  The maintenance of the rented plants alleviates the customer from having to do it themselves.

  • How does your Service/s solve the problem? How is it unique?  How will it benefit your customers?

Experience shows that customers lack the necessary expertise and knowledge to successfully maintain plants themselves.

  • If we are struggling to visualise what certain planters would look like in an area, are you able to organise a demo prior to us making a final decision?

We would gladly organise this for you.

  • Do you charge for a quotation?

We are pleased to confirm that quotations are provided free of charge.

  • Where do you source your plants from?

We have specific suppliers throughout the country who are specialists in cultivating our plants specifically for indoor or outdoor use as the case may be.

  • Once we have agreed to go ahead, how long will it take until the installation happens?

Depending on the size of your installation, we should be on site within a week.

  • What type of service do your Plant Technicians provide?

After designing and installing your plants we discuss how often is necessary to ensure that your plants always look their best. Then the Plant Technician would come to your office/home on the assigned day to:

Clean and wipe the leaves
Check plants to see if they need water
Freshen the top dressing and soil when needed
Replace plants if they begin to decline
Rotate the plants when necessary

  • Why only every two weeks?

The plants in your office environment only require watering and pruning every 10 days.  Anything more than this and we would be over watering them.

  • Will your visits be on the same day of the week for each visit?

Yes it will always be the same day for your visits unless something occurs to change this and has been approved by both parties.

  • How will we identify your staff when they are within our offices?

Our Plant Technicians staff wear Berco branded clothing and name badges in order for you to identify them.

  • What happens if one of your plants die?

Our technicians call regularly and will see if a plant needs replacement and will arrange for it to be done at no charge to our client.

  • Do plants really reduce “toxins” in the air?

There is most definitely truth in this statement in that plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon monoxide during daylight hours.
House plants are good for your health and are not just there for their visual beauty.
Studies have also proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent), reduce stress levels and boost your mood – making them perfect for work and home.
Indoor plants help provide a sense of comfort and increase employee productivity.
Plants absorb sound which helps to make an area more comfortable.

  • What happens if we move offices?

By arrangement we will remove the plants from your offices and keep them in our warehouse.  Once you are settled in, we will re-install at your new offices.