About Us

Going green is the hallmark of modern design with plants making design come alive.

At Berco Indoor Gardens we pride ourselves on offering our clients a range of plants and planters that can transform your space and provide a feeling of harmony and well-being.

We have five branches throughout South Africa with many clients being serviced by our team of experts. Our clients range from Government Sector, Banking, Professional Services, Entrepreneurs, Airports to one of the biggest Universities in South Africa.

Our fully trained design team work with architects, builders and designers from the inception of a project, whether a new building or a revamp of an existing space, offering expert advice on the best solution for the space.

Visually, plants offer a great way to link floors and even buildings. A dead area of a structure can be livened up with greenery. The visual benefits, together with the health benefits of indoor plants (from making staff feel more welcome, creative and productive), you have a win win situation!